Website Privacy And Data Use Policy

LHSS (additionally referred to in this privacy statement as ‘we’ or ‘us’) understands the importance of protecting the privacy of users of our websites, including but not limited to the domains ‘’, ‘’ and ‘’, (additionally referred to in this statement as ‘the website’) and the necessity to protect and hold securely any information provided to us by the users.

Information Collection and Use

On occasion the website may request personal information from users that will be held by LHSS to assist us in offering the expected levels of service to customers. Below is an outline of how any information provided through the website will be held and used by Us.

General Enquiries

Any information submitted by the user through the website’s enquiry form is kept soley for the the purpose of responding to the user’s query. Information from this part of the website to LHSS will be kept for a period of no longer than 12 months and may be used for internal marketing purposes. No personally identifying information will be given, sold or otherwise passed to any third parties.

Online Registration

Users may have the opportunity to register their information with LHSS for the purpose of facilitating future purchases. The information provided is stored securely on a database accessible only to the individual user and LHSS adminstrators.
This information will not be given, sold or otherwise passed to any third parties.

Use of Cookies

Where appropriate the website may place cookies on the user’s machine. These cookies will not be used for tracking purposes and will not report any information back to LHSS. Their purpose is for ‘saving state’ where needed – particularly for keeping a user logged in and for storing cart/basket details..


Whilst LHSS will not, as a matter of policy, divulge any user-provided information to third parties, exceptions will be made where the information is required for means of legal enforcement – where formal police or court warrants are issued in pursuance of specific information. In that event only the information requested will be divulged.