About Us

Established in 1988 as Iddon PSV Parts Ltd, Leyland Hose and Silicone Services (LHSS) was acquired by Leyland Bus Parts Ltd in the year 2000 and has since been incorporated into the Leyland Exports Ltd group.

LHSS specialises in the design and manufacture of silicone and organic rubber hoses primarily for the bus, truck, automotive and industrial markets. It’s silicone materials are designed to withstand the most demanding requirements for Euro 5 applications and beyond.

Operating highly-effective and cost-efficient manufacturing facilities, LHSS uses only the highest quality raw materials combined with the latest processing techniques. From mixing and calendaring to the production of high-tech hoses for turbo charger, coolant, industrial and general fluid or air-handling applications.

Quality and performance

Demonstrated by our Group manufacturing facility’s TS16949 approval, LHSS is commited to providing clients with a quality high-performance product supported by CAD drawing and hose design capabilities, as well as CNC tooling manufacture and in-house dynamic test equipment.

Using premium-quality silicone materials, polyester and meta-aramid fabrics, LHSS hoses are manufactured and tested to the strictest industry standards. With the addition of fluorosilicone and fluorocarbon lining the products are capable of performing in even the most severe of service conditions. Hoses can be designed to withstand temperatures of +250°C and resist the aggressive environment of EGR applications.

LHSS offers an extensive range of in-house materials and product test equipment including burst testing, high temperature performance testing and dynamic test rig. This means delivering hose products designed to perform to the most demanding of customer specifications. Additional performance materials available include EPDM, Butyl, Nitrile and Neoprene.