All our hoses manufactured by LHSS are produced by a hand built method, using multiple plies of fabric reinforcement and rubber. LHSS is equipped to produce hoses through every stage of the process, from compounding, calendaring on to the fabrics and production of hoses. After building, the hoses are pressure wrapped using clear tape to provide a gloss finish. A matt wrap finish can also be supplied on request. After forming at high temperature, the hoses are removed from the tools and trimmed to drawing specification..

Using a high speed manufacturing process, LHSS can produce high volume parts such as straights, 90 degree elbows and other ‘standard parts’. Larger, complex hoses are built using a variety of fabrics and constructions, dependent on the performance requirements of the hose. LHSS are able to offer assistance with design requirements, drawings and advice on hose specification for specific applications.

For further information and assistance please contact us on +44 (0) 1772 642478