10Jan 2014
Jan 10, 2014

New LHSS Website

After having various conversations with our clients throughout 2013 it became apparent that our original website did not contain the information in which they required about our hoses from a technical specification point of view. This along with the ecommerce focus was seemingly preventing some customers from using our website as an information resource as it was intended. These factors have ultimately spawned the new age of LHSS and our new approach to our website will hopefully offer all the of information you as a customer have been looking for.

The New LHSS Website

Beneath the initial eye catching appearance of the homepage, the LHSS website has been set up with an easy to navigate page structure, allowing you to find the particular pages and information you are looking for within one or two clicks. As well as being easy to navigate we have also used our expertise and many years within the industry to provide detailed information on every product in which we offer. This information incorporates the temperature capabilities of each hose, by adding this detail it therefore highlights the benefit of using a our silicone hoses compared to the standard Rubber hose or silicone hoses available from other manufacturers.

For the first time we have also incorporated information on our manufacturing plant in Chennai and also extensive details of our manufacturing process. This highlights a range of our strengths which most manufacturing companies may not be able or willing to expose

That is enough of us telling you the features, why don’t you take a look around the new website and let us know what you think? We see any feedback as positives and if there are suggestions of how we could improve the website further then we will definitely take these into consideration.