LHSS produce a wide range of turbo-charger, heater and coolant hoses for use in rail applications. For our standard range, suitable for many engine applications, please refer to our sections on CAC and coolant hoses.



Constructed using high performance silicone and reinforcement fabrics. The number of plies will vary depending on the working pressure, bore size, and required wall thickness. A galvanised spring steel wire helix may also be added for high or low pressure applications, or where extra flexibility is required.

Flame retardant applications – LSLM (Low smoke, low toxicity) hoses

LHSS flame retardant hoses are designed to perform reliably in the demanding environment of rail or mass transit applications. Typically used in applications requiring flame-retardant properties, LSLM hoses perform as any other. However, in case of fire, it will take longer to ignite. When burning, only low smoke and low toxic fumes are emitted, after a short period, the LSLM hose will be covered with a protective layer of ash which slows and can even help prevent further burning. The materials used have been tested and meet the requirements of UL 94 V0 and BS 6853 for flammability temperature index, smoke density and toxic gas emission.