LHSS manufacture silicone hoses designed to connect metal pipe work and components, in systems using water and ethylene glycol based coolants.Manufactured from only the highest quality materials and reinforcement fabrics, our silicone hoses are designed to operate at temperatures from - 50°C up to +180°C and at operating pressures of 2.5 – 4 bar.

LHSS can meet specific requirements for any silicone hose, operating at pressures in excess of 6 bar, easily exceeding the demands of modern Euro 6 engines. We offer superior reliability and out perform conventional materials such as EPDM. Operating at a wider temperature range, LHSS products retain flexibility at -50°C and maintain physical properties beyond the temperature limits tolerated by conventional silicone hose materials.


Applications of Silicone Hoses

LHSS silicone hoses are specifically designed for use in coolant systems on trucks, buses, passenger cars, generators, railway engines and many other vehicle and industrial applications where connections are required between rigid or flexible metal pipes. They are ideal for joining pipes of similar or differing diameters – reducers. Available in standard sizes from 6mm to 152mm diameter, with diameters greater than 152mm made to specific customer requirements. We meet or exceed the requirements of SAE J20 R1 Class A. OAT (Organic acid based coolants) are resistant to OAT (Organic acid based coolants) please see our range of OAT hoses.

Product Range

We also offer a range of single ply, extruded hose available on reels. Our standard, blue silicone hose (BSH) stock includes:

Straight hose (BSH)

6mm - 152mm ID in 1m, 2m or 3m lengths.

Straight hose (BSH)

6mm - 76mm ID in 4m lengths.

90 Degree elbows (BSH90)

6mm - 152mm ID with 102mm, 152mm or
250mm leg lengths.

45 Degree elbows (BSH45)

6mm - 152mm ID with 102mm or
152mm leg lengths.

90 Degree reducing elbows (BSH90R)

with 102mm or 152mm leg lengths.

135 Degree elbows (BSH135)

6mm - 76mm ID with 102mm or 152mm leg lengths.

‘U’ BEND hoses (BSH180)

6mm - 76mm ID with 102mm or 152mm leg lengths.

Straight and elbow reducers (BSHR)

Straight and elbow reducers are available in a wide range of sizes. These allow connections between differing pipe diameters, providing smooth flow of coolant throughout the system.

Castellated, flexible VOR hose (CBSH)

10mm - 63mm ID.

Extruded Silicone Heater Hose (SHH)

6mm - 25mm ID.

Standard Blue Silicone

Our modern and highly flexible silicone hose manufacturing process allows our production facility to cope with a wide range of products and a diverse customer base. LHSS produce specialist one off prototypes, low volume parts and high volume production for the bus, truck and automotive markets. Having our own dedicated factory means we can focus on specific requirements and tailor our silicone hose production to the ever changing needs of our customers.

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