Having a EPDM hose for radiator applications can be imperative and we offer a wide range of standard and customised shapes and sized Radiator Hoses for radiator applications. The reinforcement fabrics used are usually polyester and aramid as required by the customers.

If needed, we also supply EPDM tubes without fabric reinforcement, for industrial applications where very low pressure resistance is required.

The continuous service temperature of EPDM hoses is -30°C to +120°C maximum, with peak temperatures of +150°C to +160°C for short spans of time.


Automotive and Industrial - Suction/Vacuum hoses, Radiator hoses, Air and Water hoses, etc.

Dimensions Available

Mostly custom sizes/shapes as per customers’ requirement.

Test Done   Results Obtained 100 – 110 SAE20R4, Class D1 and SAE STD J20 70 min
A 1 Tensile Strength (kg/cm2)
  2 % Elongation 360% 300% min
  3 Shore Hardness 70/71 55/75
  4 Polymer EPDM EPDM
B   Ageing in hot Air 70 Hrs/125 °C    
    Change in T.S -18.90 -20%
    Change in E % -34.70 -50%
    Change in Shore Hardness +3 +15
C   Compression Set (%) 70hrs/125 °C 34.80% 75% max
D   Ageing in coolant Immersion (Tube only) 70Hrs/at Boiling point  
    Change in T.S. -16.90% -20%
    Change in E -42.90% -50%
    Change in Shore Hardness +3 -10 to +10
    Change in Volume % +6.45% -5 to +20%