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Welcome to Leyland Hose & Silicone

For over 20 years we have been supplying the highest quality silicone hose products for a wide range of performance, commercial and bespoke personal uses.

As a trusted leading brand all of our hoses and tubing are produced using the best quality material and the highest quality production processes allowing us to meet or exceed all manufacturing, quality, performance and safety standards.


LHSS manufactures and distributes the highest quality silicone hoses and kits on the market today. All our hoses are produced "in house" in one of our dedicated manufacturing sites that allow us to offer the latest and best products at the lowest possible cost to you.

Pick the best Silicone Hose for your needs

Leyland Hose & Silicone Turbo-charger and Inter-cooler hoses, offer the highest degree of reliability under extreme under bonnet applications.

All LHSS are produced by a hand built method, using multiple plies of fabric reinforcement and rubber. We are equipped to produce hoses through every stage of the process, from compounding, calendaring on to the fabrics and production of hoses.

Manufactured from only the highest quality and UK sourced fabrics, hoses are offered from the design stage to your complete solution for turbo and inter-cooler applications.

Our constructions are thoroughly tested and proven at temperatures up to 230°C on our multi-directional test rig, giving our customers confidence in the performance and reliability of our CAC hoses.

Euro 6 Compliant

January 2015 and January 2016 see the introduction of Euro VI regulations for newly registered vehicles. In order to comply with the regulations which, primarily call for further reductions in levels of nitrogen oxides and particulate matter, vehicle manufacturers have had to overcome significant challenges in modern engine technology and management.

Euro VI has also presented new challenges for us as manufacturers. Higher under bonnet temperatures, higher turbo pressures, increased coolant system pressures and stronger negative pressures in intake systems, are typical problems which have had to be overcome. LHSS have been well prepared for the challenges ahead.

Working with several major OE vehicle producers, LHSS already have turbo-charger (CAC), coolant and air intake hoses, approved for Euro VI vehicles. Using high quality silicone compounds, and new fabrics capable of withstanding 250⁰C in our CAC hoses and revised constructions for coolant hoses, both are more than capable of performing reliably on any modern engine. Our range of OAT resistant and fluorosilicone lined hoses, ensure all potential issues are covered now and well in to the future.

Difficult technical challenges have been met in designing a range of air intake hoses. Maintaining a high degree of rigidity to withstand strong, negative pressures while remaining flexible enough to cope with significant movement between air filter and engine, requires a complex construction. LHSS have met all requirements in many Euro VI applications.

LHSS have met all the challenges for Euro VI and can offer assistance with design, providing quality silicone hoses for all applications.

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