In 2021 we opened our wholly owned in-house tooling facility, based in South Wales in the UK.

Our fully equipped in-house tooling resource will significantly improve the handmade silicone hose production process, from one-off developments to multiple product orders.

The newly opened operation, known as LHSS Precision Engineering, will significantly improve our service to valued customers. It will enable us to simplify new product development, significantly improve lead times and create a simpler process for bespoke product requests.

We are able to offer one-off bespoke hose samples that are available within a 2-week turnaround. This means you do not need to wait weeks or even months to have a first look at your custom-built hose.

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  • One-off samples available within 2 weeks

  • Improved lead times on orders

  • No restrictions on sample hose requests

  • Increased service to our customers

We have manufactured a large number of bespoke hoses, specific to the needs of our customers.

Some of our most recent bespoke hoses have been designed and manufactured specifically for the fuel cell industry. We now manufacture the highest quality silicone hoses for this ever-growing industry and are proud of what our team has achieved.

No matter what shape, size or colour of silicone hose you require, or any special characteristics that are needed, we will be able to design and manufacture a silicone hose that is fit for purpose.

Is this something you are looking for? Could you benefit from custom-made silicone hoses?

If you have any specific requirements for tooling or would like to find out more about our range of silicone hoses, please get in touch with us.


If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please leave your details below and we shall do our best to assist.