21 Jun 2023

Our European Facility Gains A Make Over

Implementing new systems and processes

Earlier this month (June), six members from the Leyland Hose and Silicone Services UK team spent a full week at our manufacturing and distribution facility in Hungary to put in place new systems and processes.

Racking and barcodes all set up.

It was only a few months ago when it was clear that we needed to upgrade the role of our European facility from solely manufacturing, to also take on the supply of our complete range of silicone hoses to our customers throughout Europe. This meant we needed to act quickly and give the factory a much needed make over in order for them to accommodate this new role within the company.

Recently, there has been a large amount of stock transferred over to Hungary from our UK distribution facility to kick start the supply of silicone hoses directly within Europe. The UK team travelled over to Hungary to set up warehouse racking for storing all product lines on and to integrate a brand-new system that allows the tracking of stock and full support to the sales team.


The warehouse is now fully barcoded with PDA scanners to pick and track stock, with full training provided to all staff on the new system, ensuring a smooth transition into this new purpose of the facility.

Training by Leigh (UK team) on the manufacture of our FKM silicone hoses.

Two of our team members from our UK tooling facility in Wales spent a lot of time during the week training staff on how to manufacture our range of FKM hoses. Lots of different testing techniques were provided to ensure all products are manufactured to the highest quality and fit for purpose before distribution to our European customers.

These changes will now allow all European customers to deal directly with our facility in Hungary, seeing faster turnaround times and more competitive costs.

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Four members of the UK team pictured with Attila Szabo, Factory Manager (3rd from left) and 2 of his European Team Members far right.


Want to find out more? Get in touch with our Factory Manager in Hungary using his details below:

Attila Szabo
Factory Manager
Tel: +36 (30) 634 9045
Email: Attila.szabo@leylandhose.eu

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