Silicone Hose Manufacturers

As silicone Hose Manufacturers we passionately believe in manufacturing our own products using premium fabrics and other raw materials from only world-leading suppliers. The hoses we make for our customers are manufactured in our own factory operating around the clock, with a three shift system.

Before 2009 we sourced our hoses from various suppliers across the globe, in many cases providing our own technical know how to these 3rd party suppliers. We began to recognise ensuring consistent highest quality products at competitive prices, meant having our own factory.

The search for a suitable factory location started in 2009, it was essential the right location and partners were selected. After several years of research, Chennai, South India was chosen and the factory officially opened its doors in August 2011 and became Silicone Hose Manufacturers.

"LHSS is thrilled to locate an advanced manufacturing operation in Chennai, South India," said Paul Kirkman, Managing Director. "The Chennai facility involves a highly sophisticated manufacturing process providing skilled jobs to the local community and is a sound strategic investment for the Leyland Holding Company Ltd (LHCL) Group. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best quality hoses at commercially competitive prices. Priority for our facility is the utilisation of the best raw materials combined into our own efficient technical build processes and quality testing techniques. Having our own factory as part of the LHCL Group structure will ensure this and provides a good, stable, secure supply platform for LHSS to thrive on”.

The majority of the equipment needed to set up the factory was sourced in the UK and shipped out to our 5,000 square meter facility; all the other equipment needed was designed and sourced locally. With over 60 employees, the factory has the capabilities to complete the whole manufacturing process from compounding, calendaring, hose building and testing. All hoses manufactured are exclusively made for LHSS for our OE and aftermarket customers in the bus, truck, automotive, marine, rail and industrial industries.

Finished product testing is performed in house according to our quality control procedures using our well equipped test facilities. This is in strict adherence with multiple international regulatory standards. As we are Silicone Hose Manufacturers we use the highest quality fabrics which are sourced in the UK and sent out to our factory. As we produce in excess of 1000 hoses on a daily basis, our quality control procedures are in accordance with TS16949. Once inspected and approved all the hoses produced are shipped to our UK / European distribution centre in Leyland, Lancashire.

To uphold our no lost time through injury policy, we operate according to strict health and safety rules and regulations. All employees receive in-depth training from our integrated training program to ensure they have the appropriate skills needed. Part of our commitment to running a responsible business is ensuring our factory employees have a safe workplace environment, we believe it is essential to maintain and grow a reliable and conscientious workforce.

As a major employer in the region we recognise we have a significant responsibility to the local community and provide our workers with additional benefits such as complimentary food and drink, attendance bonuses and air conditioned areas. Not only are we silicone hose manufacturers but a future project being seriously considered is to provide schooling to the families of our workers and we will keep you updated on any progress made on this.

For more information on our factory in Chennai, South India please contact us on: +44 (0) 1772 642478.